Brentwood Roofing

Brentwood Roofing Contractor - (615) 399-3066You might know the sound. The persistent, irritating, unnerving sound of a drip that you can’t pinpoint. If only you had called Clinard Home Improvement for your roofing needs in Brentwood, you would be resting easy instead of searching the ceiling for a leak. Choosing a business for your home improvement needs that provides quality services and materials shouldn’t be a hassle. As a locally owned business in middle Tennessee, we are here to help turn your house into a home. By helping to prevent damage to your house, we strive to decrease your restless nights listening to a drip from a leaky roof. Contact us today for a free consultation!

Choose Clinard Home Improvement for your Roofing Contractor

We know that you may be wondering why you would come to us instead of other home improvement stores. The answer is simple. We have your interests in mind and at heart. Started in 1958, the Clinard family wanted to create a business that was focused on customer satisfaction and superior service. Your home is where you make memories, enjoy family dinners, and inspire a lifestyle. We understand that having the interruption of home damage is an unwelcome intruder, but can take precious time away from your family. That is why we hope you will choose us because we choose you and your needs first.

The Power of a Good Roof

Having a quality roof is important for many reasons. Not only will it increase your home’s value, but a good roof is necessary to prevent damage to the inside and outside of your house. At Clinard, we use four nails for each shingle and place a saturated piece of felt underneath for added protection. Get the job done right with our superior team of roofing contractors in Brentwood, and put an end to the drip!