Rain Gutter Maintenance Tips

rain gutter maintenanceSummertime is the perfect opportunity to do all of your home restoration projects. One of these projects, that typically gets overlooked, is rain gutter maintenance. With the damage of years of snowfall and rain, gutters can get pretty worn out, not to mention they can cause significant water damage to your roof if not maintained. There are many DIY tricks and tips for cleaning out your gutters, and here are a few for you to keep in mind:

Frequency is Key

Cleaning your rain gutters should be a yearly project, at least. If you live in a location with heavy rain or snowfall, then you will want to clean them out more than that. With all of the buildup that can occur after a big storm, you want to make sure your roof and siding are protected. If a bigger than usual storm hits, check your rain gutter for clogs and use common sense on whether or not you should clean it out. The more you clean out your gutters, the easier they are to clean.

Scoop It Out

If you provide your gutters with regular maintenance, then this next step should be relatively simple and painless. Wear gloves and scoop the gunk out of your gutters. If you want, you can also use a mini-shovel or scoop to get the gunk out if you do not want to touch it. You will mainly be scooping out leaves and mud, so the more often you clean your gutters, the less gunk you will have to scoop out. Once you have gotten all the debris removed, you can simply wash the gutters out with a garden hose. If you want to make sure they are extra clean, you can make a mixture of vinegar and baking soda and spray it onto the gutters before you hose it off. This will make your gutters shinier and more resistant to mud and grime.

It Is Simple, Effective, and Important

As simple as cleaning your gutters out is, many people do not have the time, energy, or physical capacity to clean their own out. Replacing your gutters can cost more than $2,000. So, whether you do it yourself, or hire someone, you want to make sure that you keep your rain gutters well maintained. If you neglect this simple house project, it may lead to roof or house-siding issues, which can be a lot pricier and a lot more work.