Winter Gutter Maintenance Tips

Winter Gutter Maintenance in Middel TN

Rain gutter maintenance is not just for those who live in a rainy climate. Gutters need to be cleaned and maintained in other climates as well, particularly during the winter time when ice can cause blockages and rust can develop just as easily, if not faster, than rain and debris can. Follow the tips below to make sure that your gutters stay in tip-top shape throughout the winter months:

The Damaging Ice Show

During the winter months, it can stay brutally cold for days, or even weeks on end. This means that snow and ice can linger in your gutters for weeks at a time, causing snow melt blockages and flooding. When this happens, your roof could succumb to severe water damage. Because the rate is so slow, it might be too late before you notice, which could cause some very painful expenses after the fact. To prevent this from happening, you will want to make sure your gutters are in excellent condition before winter sets in. To do this, before the first snowfall, examine your gutters and make sure they are clean of all debris. Your gutters should be installed firmly against your house with gutter spikes. Test your gutters for leaks with a garden hose, and make sure that any leaks discovered are repaired quickly. Also, make sure you examine your downspouts. When you test your gutters with the garden hose, make sure water is diverted 7-10 feet away from your home. The most damaging effects from a gutter can be from the simple pooling of water from inefficient water diversion.

Winter is No Exception

Winter can cause havoc on a home. It is also not very pleasant to deal with water damage or any home repair in the cold winter months. That is why gutter maintenance in the winter is more important than in the summer. Checking on your gutters 1-2 times during the winter can save you the headache, and the expense, of dealing with damage down the road. If you provide regular maintenance to your gutters, they will be easy to deal with for years to come.

All Types of Gutters Available:

  • Continuous, Seamless Aluminum Gutters
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  • Galvanized Gutters
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  • Specialty Gutters (Box, Half Round, Queen Anne, etc.)
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